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This is an evolving, organic document and is subject to change. As we grow, we want to be sure that this community is inviting, inclusive and accomodating.

& Expression

Gotham Atheists prides itself on being what we call an “exchange space” for ideas. We discuss ideas freely and openly and expect our members and visitors to be able to handle discussions about ideas in a healthy manner.

However, please note that dehumanizing people and/or groups is not considered an idea at Gotham Atheists. If you attempt to spread dehumanizing rhetoric at our events, then you will be removed from the event and banned from attending future events. In the event money is charged, there will be no refunds.

We discuss ideas at Gotham Atheists. We do not engage in dehumanization. 

Flirting &
Sexual Harassment

Gotham Atheists prides itself on being a safe and fun environment for secular-minded socialization. We have had many couples meet at our events and some of them have gotten married. Flirting comes with the territory of being a social group. The key to understanding acceptable behavior in this regard is to understand consent.

Flirting is a two (or more) person activity that requires all participants to be active and engaged. If rejection occurs, we expect all parties to respect the rejection and move on. Acting in a manner that leads to rejection is not considered harassment by Gotham Atheists unless the actions that led to the rejection are aggressive or predatory. We understand that rejection comes with the territory of being a social group and the rejection of legitimate advances is a healthy and natural part of life.

Actions that are aggressive or predatory in nature will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban from all Gotham Atheists events. Gotham Atheists recognizes that these actions differ from standard flirting that results in rejection. Situations that are brought to our attention will be handled on a case by case basis.

All members and visitors to our group should expect to have their autonomy and boundaries respected and to respect the autonomy and boundaries of others. Those members and visitors who do not, cannot, or choose not to respect people’s sexual autonomy or boundaries will be permanently removed from the group. In the event money is charged, there are no refunds. These rules hold regardless of sexual or gender identity for all parties.

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